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Oriflame OPTIMALS Age Revive Serum 30ml

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Anti age serum formulated by skin nutrition experts to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Instantly re-plumps skin and provides all-day hydration, leaves soft skin after feel and matte finish.

Helps minimise look of pores and reduces wrinkles/fine lines.
Provides all-day hydration that you can feel!
Improves visible signs of ageing, helps reveal younger looking, smooth skin.

This anti-ageing serum is formulated by skin nutrition experts to target multiple signs of ageing, with a focus on helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The right balance of wholesome skin nutrients like Vitamin C from Blackberry + Hyaluronic Acid to instantly re-plump and smooth skin’s texture while providing all-day hydration.

Plus, it works to help minimise the look of pores. It features a light texture that cools on contact and leaves skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

Use: on ageing skin, to re-plump and hydrate.
Skin nutrition: Minerals, Sugars, and Amino Acids from Silver Birch Leaf/Vitamin C from Blackberry/Hyaluronic Acid
How it works: targets multiple signs of ageing with wholesome skin nutrients and natural origin Multi Renewal8 technology, by working to reduce wrinkles and fine lines while smoothing skin’s texture. Plus, hyaluronic acid instantly re-plumps and hydrates skin.