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Oriflame EVEN OUT Night Cream 50ml

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This Night Cream helps provide essential nighttime nourishment, working to make your skin look more radiant upon awakening.

Formulated by our skin nutrition experts, to help reduce the look of skin discolouration and prevent future dark spots. With skin nutrients including, Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid from Meadowsweet Extract and natural origin UniTone Technology.

Plus, essential Fatty Acids from Rosehip Oil which help replenish skin barrier overnight. With a rich texture that absorbs quickly and leaves a nourishing, moisturising film.

Use: to help replenish skin barrier overnight and prevent future dark spots.

Skin nutrition: Vitamin C + Salicylic Acid from Meadowsweet Extract/Essential Fatty Acids from Rosehip Oil/UniTone Technology

How it works: with hard-working skin nutrients and naturally potent UniTone Technology to address hyperpigmentation like dark spots and uneven skin tone. Plus, Fatty Acids from Rosehip Oil, help to replenish your skin barrier, it’s formulated to improve radiance while you sleep.