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Oriflame Activelle Comfort Anti-perspirant Deodorant 50ml

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Activelle Comfort Anti-perspirant Deodorant with ActiBoost Technology offers immediate protection that lasts up to 48h. Helping to balance skin’s natural hydration for all day comfort, this roll-on product has a citrus floral scent and a light, creamy formulation for effective sweat control that doesn’t dry your delicate underarm skin.

Activelle Comfort Anti-perspirant Deodorant with ActiBoost is perfect for life on the go: leak-proof container, fast-drying and instant protection for up to 48h.

Activelle Comfort contains ActiBoost Technology, an innovative motion activated deodorant breakthrough. ActiBoost fragrance capsules break apart when triggered by motion to release an additional burst of fresh fragrance when you need it most.

Light, 0% alcohol, creamy and citrus floral scented anti-perspirant for long-lasting sweat control that is naturally kind to delicate skin.

  • Immediate protection that lasts up to 48h
  • Caring action: skin-comforting ingredients, effective but gentle on delicate skin
  • Balances skin’s natural hydration for comfort throughout the day